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CLMC Speaks

Blog by alumni of the Children’s Literature, Media and Culture IntMA programme

2019-2021 CLMC Cohort in Risskov, Aarhus

Alumni Update: La Lucila

Colectivo La Lucila is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to literature and other media for children and youths in Latin America. La Lucila’s mission is to diversify the perspectives on children’s literature and media studies, considering everything that distinguishes and unites the continent. The organization is committed to the promotion and democratization of books, reading, andContinue reading “Alumni Update: La Lucila”


CLMC Speaks 2021: Day 2

The second and final day of our inaugural Children’s Literature, Media and Culture Symposium was themed Media & Participation. Five more presenters gave brief talks on their thesis research projects, and a discussion was hosted among all participants afterwards. Yuyu Liu ‘Learning Through Play, affective learning experience with children’s tangible coding games, case study: AContinue reading “CLMC Speaks 2021: Day 2”


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