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NameCurrent Projects / InterestsContact
Emilie OwensChildren’s media and practice theory; the relationship between young people and digital social media; post humanism and particle physics; TikTok and
Sonali KulkarniCurrently teaching courses on children’s literature in translation, reviewing children’s and young adult books and canon formation at Tilburg uni. Research interests: multilingualism and translation in children’s literature and media, postcolonialism. Curious about digital
Marine BernardDiversity in young adult literature and media, narrative design in video games, transmedia worlds, fandoms and online
Katja Schreiber
Bulwach SereechaipornChildren’s books, tv shows, games, application, social media, and learning activities for social justice and children’s liberation and political participation; 
reading promotion and publishing system.
FB: ChildrensBooksOutThere
Maëlle AsselinAnimated films; ecopedagogy; materiality of picturebooks and
Darrel MarcoRepresentations of the Bakla in Filipino children’s picturebooks, and the intersectionality of class, sexual orientation, gender expression, and social
Jéssica TolentinoExamining the Latin American canon as resissued for children in
Laura CesaCritical mixed race studies; Picturebooks as transformative texts; textual and visual representations of racial, cultural, and ethnic identity; identity formation in contemporary culture; video games as
Yuyu LiuChild-computer Interaction; Computational Thinking Education; Children’s Games, Applications, and E-learning; Reading
Maria Jose CamposAnimation, mythology, manga, children’s Picturebooks, children’s media creation process, practice and
Hubbiah RafaqatComing-of-age studies; girlhood in young adult media and culture; cinematic portrayals of nostalgia, childhood and maturation; Game design as narrative architecture; co-authorship in broadcast gameplay & chaos
Rawan GharibAdaption, children’s poetry, Picturebooks, crossover literature and film, intergenerational relations and practices, play culture and cognitive literary criticism.
Luxin YinRemapping the Medical Humanities with Children’s and YA Life
Tierra ColbergEvaluating the place of culture in place-based education
Filipus Gilang WicaksonoUsing netnographic frameworks to study fans within a fan culture in relation to children’s media and
Sandra OropezaMultimodal analyses of the representation of fictional dictators in picturebooks in order to identify how they communicate an anti-authoritarian
Kebere MaldayeExamining the relational understanding of children’s and young adults’ agency, not as a possession of the individual but rather as relationally produced through various human, non-human, material, and cultural
Sadia Zafrin LiaReframing challenging picturebooks through the lens of childism, which subverts the normative paradigm of adultism to assert and establish child
María Teresa
Salcedo Montero
Investigating in what ways writing can help children who have been part of armed groups in order to reaffirm their lives outside of war, and to explore the possibility of writing processes to challenge the coloniality of
Diana CruzProposing an intersection between the social semiotic transactions of image reading in modality and dialogic
Ala’ KramanReading into the representation of homes during the COVID-19 mandated lockdowns, and using literature to investigate children’s feelings and perceptions of the