CLMC Speaks 2021: Day 2

The second and final day of our inaugural Children’s Literature, Media and Culture Symposium was themed Media & Participation. Five more presenters gave brief talks on their thesis research projects, and a discussion was hosted among all participants afterwards.

Yuyu Liu

‘Learning Through Play, affective learning experience with children’s tangible coding games, case study: A 6-year-old-child with Osmo Coding Awbie’

How can we use empirical study to find out how children interact with coding games in terms of learning and emotions, and especially how children learn computational thinking skills?

Presentation by Yuyu.

Maria Jose Campos (MJ)

‘Critical Artistic Research on the Audiovisual Mythopoeic Project Camaquen’

How can we understand the relationship between creation and research in children’s media texts?

Presentation by MJ.

Hubbiah Rafaqat

‘‘She’s just going through a liminal phase’. A critical examination of Max Caulfield’s coming of age in Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange (2015)’

Who decides what constitutes adulthood in coming of age narratives, and how can we relate this to concepts of liminality in video games?

Presentation by Hubbiah.

Marine Bernard

‘Empowerment and Affect through Agency: Coming-of-Age in Branching Narrative Video Games’

How does branching narrative games with multiple endings mirror the coming of age narrative in children’s literature?

Presentation by Marine.

Emilie Owens

‘“I’m the main character of this neighbourhood,”: Understanding TikTok through young people’s media practices’

Why is TikTok the app so specifically popular with young people, and how can we move towards an understanding of digital media as part of teenagers’ broader social worlds?

Presentation by Emilie.

The presentation was closed by Dr Evelyn Arizpe, without whom this programme would not exist, and whose support made this symposium possible. Thank you so much to all the presenters, to all of the participants, and good luck to all of the newest CLMC students embarking on this wild journey – we look forward to the amazing presentations of work in the symposiums of coming years.

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