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CLMC Speaks 2021: Day 1

Kicking off the first day of the first ever CLMC Speaks Annual Symposium, 84 participants joined to watch the first Zoom session on Wednesday Sept 15th. The theme of this session was Pedagogies & Picturebooks, and five members of the first cohort gave presentations.

Bulwarch Sereechaiporn (Tarn)

‘The Educational Functions of Humorous Historical Narratives in Children’s Educational TV in Anti-Oppressive Historical Education A Case Study of CBBC’s Horrible Histories’

Can we use history and humour to change oppressive courses of history?

Presentation by Tarn.

Maëlle Asselin de Williencourt

‘Using Short Animated Films in Ecopedagogy’

How can we use animated short films in classrooms as ecopedagogy?

Presentation by Maëlle.

Darrel Marco

‘The Bakla in Filipino Children’s Picturebooks: The Intersectionality of Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression, Class, and Societal Expectations’

Addressing the paucity of research on Filipino queer themed children’s literature: how is the construction and representation of kabaklaan a challenge to colonial gender binaries?

Presentation by Darrel.

Jéssica Tolentino

‘A borderland territory: the Latin American canon reissued for children’

What role to publishers play in the crossover system of works moved from adult literature to children literature? Making the case for “cross-editing.”

Presentation by Jéssica.

Katja Schreiber

‘Creating Children’s Literature for an Ecocentric Future’

How can we construct and design children’s picturebooks with a meaningful ecocentric focus?

Presentation by Katja.

All of our participants can be reached through their contact info on the directory, and updates on tomorrow’s symposium panel – Media & Participation – will be featured on our blog tomorrow. There is also a recording of the presentation which will be posted to this site soon.

Thank you to all the presenters and participants of today’s symposium, and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


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