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Welcome to the Children’s Literature, Media, and Culture Alumni webpage and blog! Here you’ll find a directory of former cohort members and their publications, as well as course news and information on our annual CLMC Speaks thesis symposium.

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Alumni Update: La Lucila

Colectivo La Lucila is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to literature and other media for children and youths in Latin America. La Lucila’s mission is to diversify the perspectives on children’s literature and media studies, considering everything that distinguishes and unites the continent. The organization is committed to the promotion and democratization of books, reading, andContinue reading “Alumni Update: La Lucila”

September 2022
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First CLMC Cohort (2019-2021) in Risskov, Aarhus

About the Programme

CLMC is an Erasmus Mundus funded International Masters of the Arts programme that takes place at six universities internationally: the University of Glasgow, in Scotland; the University of Aarhus, in Denmark; the University of Tillburg, in the Netherlands; the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain; the University of Wrocław in Poland; and the University of British Columbia in Canada.

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